Student Organizations

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The Association of Environmental Engineers and Scientists is the student organization of the environmental engineering program at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Our organization's main goal is to improve the overall educational experience of the students in our department. We aim to provide a professional and social network to environmental engineering and science students at Georgia Tech. We provide professional development services to our students, act as a communication channel between students and faculty, provide assistance to students attending conferences, and work to maintain a high quality of student life. AEES also provides a link between students and their potential employers.



The Georgia Tech Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers promotes learning and the professional development of its members. Through the organization, members can network with industry professionals for internship and employment opportunities. All students in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering are welcome to get involved with ASCE and the concrete canoe and steel bridge teams.



The American Society of Highway Engineers Georgia Tech Chapter's mission is to provide students interested in the highway industry with support, education and innovation to promote a safe, efficient and sustainable highway system. Through the chapter, students network with well established professionals in the Georgia highway industry to increase opportunities for internships and future employment.


Chi Epsilon

Chi Epsilon is the Civil Engineering Honor Society at Georgia Tech. Eligible students of Junior or Senior status in the top 30% of their class will be notified within the first few weeks of each fall and spring semester. Other requirements to join are a one time fee of $80 and participation in Induction.


Construction Engineering Association

The Construction Engineering Association is an organization for all engineering majors with a vocational interest in construction. The focus of this organization is to provide a unique identify to all of theses students, referred to as construction engineers, and support their professional growth. This organization will provide opportunities for industry focused training, networking, and employment through the support of local corporations. In addition to becoming a member of the Construction Engineering Association, each student member is given the opportunity to become a member of the AGC Student Chapter at Georgia Tech and AGC's Young Leadership Program.


EERI Student Chapter

The purpose of the GT-EERI is to 1) Promote reduction of earthquake risk by advancing the science and practice of earthquake engineering, by improving understanding of the impact of earthquakes on the physical, social, economic, political and cultural environment, and by advocating comprehensive and realistic measures for reducing the harmful effects of earthquakes. 2) To increase awareness of earthquake hazard in our Mid-America region, characterized by low-frequency but high consequence seismic events.


ESW-GT is a non-profit organization that leads student-run projects that promote environmental, social, and economic sustainable solutions to local, national, and global problems. The group’s mission is to: 1) Promote engineering that fosters environmental, social, and economic sustainability, and 2) Focus the combined resources of Georgia Tech students, faculty, and alumni to develop sustainable solutions for local, regional and national problems.



The Georgia Tech Student Chapter of Engineers Without Borders-USA supports community-driven development programs by collaborating with local partners to design and implement sustainable engineering projects while creating transformative experiences and responsible leaders


Geotechnical Society

The purpose of the Geotechnical Society is to organize lectures by outside consultants and researchers, organize lectures by geosystems engineering students to improve communication skills and to inform student colleagues of their activities, coordinate student participation in Atlanta area geosystems activities, coordinate conference trips by geosystems students, maintain the Robnett Library, maintain the graduate geosystems computer equipment, provide geosystems students with a fraternal organization dedicated to advancing the geosystems engineering profession through education at Georgia Tech.



The Institute of Transportation Engineers is an international educational and scientific association of transportation professionals who are responsible for meeting mobility and safety needs. Georgia Tech’s student chapter holds monthly meetings featuring speakers from both private industry and public agencies. A handful of social events are held throughout the year. Membership is open to any undergraduate or graduate student with an interest in transportation engineering.



The Water Environment Federation is the principal organization of water quality professionals in the United States and around the world. Since 1928, WEF and its members have protected public health and the environment. As a global water sector leader, WEF’s mission is to connect water professionals, enrich the expertise of water professionals, increase the awareness of the impact and value of water, and provide a platform for water sector innovation. The Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP) is the local WEF organization. GAWP holds several conferences each year that are available for student attendance. Likewise, attendance at the WEFTEC conference has become a tradition among Georgia Tech students.




Women's Transportation Seminar at Georgia Tech is an international organization dedicated to building the future of transportation through the global advancement of women. WTS-GT seeks to: (1) Give students interested in transportation-related professions opportunities to participate in professional activities and networking events that expose them to the transportation industry; (2) Offer forums for interaction between transportation professionals and undergraduate and graduate students interested in transportation-related careers; and (3) Provide forums for interaction and mentoring between students and the Atlanta chapter of Women’s Transportation Seminar.