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July 2022

A group of headshots on green and blue backgrounds and the logo for the Georgia Tech Alumni 40 Under 40 Class of 2022
two men and one woman smile with a gold hexagon pattern in the background
A smiling man wearing a tuxedo

May 2022

A composite image of a woman and man on a gold background
A smiling man in front of trees
A man sits at a table with a book in front of a brick wall
A woman holding an award poses with a man
A woman wearing a cap and gown poses with her dog
Sixth Time's the Charm
May 03, 2022

April 2022

A group of people poses in front of a large painting
A woman holds a large check in front of a building
Two people stand next to a silver sign with black text
A man poses in front of laboratory equipment
Two men and one woman stand together on the street in front of cars and buildings
From left to right: Aidan Labrozzi, Johanna Hall, Thomas Papageorge, Zoe Zhang, Anthony Sanseverino
From left to right: Francesco Fedele, Eric Marks, Maria Warren, Alexandra Muscalus, Rachel Grant

March 2022

A photo of a building with the words No. 3 Civil and Environmental Engineering According to U.S. News and World Report's 2023 graduate rankings
A man wearing a coat and tie smiles in a portrait
From left to right: Jianfeng Zhou, Samuel Coogan
Emily Sanders smiles for a photograph.

February 2022

A composite photo of the 2022 Class of Future Faculty Fellows.
Zoe Zhang smiles for a photograph.
Nine people appear in individual boxes on a screen as part of a virtual event
Mourin Jarin poses in front of the 2022 VentureLab Innovation Competition sign at the award ceremony.
Laurence Jacobs smiles for a photograph.
The Flow of Innovation
February 04, 2022
The six winners of the 2022 Eisenhower Fellowships pose.
Wensi Chen poses in front of a brick building for a portrait

January 2022

A woman wearing a blue surgical map looks at her smartphone as a bus drives by
Trends to Watch in 2022
January 25, 2022
Text over image of buildings on Georgia Tech Campus reads "Entrepreneurial Impact Competition"
A portrait of Associate Professor Chloe Arson with trees in the background

December 2021

It Takes Two: Joshua Garrett
December 16, 2021
A silver ruler in the lower third of the photograph provides scale for small pieces of municipal solid waste
An airplane flies through the sky over a setting sun

November 2021

An aerial photo of buildings against a sky at sunset
Researchers Chloé Arson, Thomas DiChristina, and Martial Taillefert stand near wetlands on Georgia Tech’s campus
A photo of Hudson McGaughey wearing a yellow T-shirt and glasses in front of a gold and white striped background

October 2021

Assistant Professor Jennifer Kaiser, wearing a gray blazer, poses on campus with the Atlanta skyline in the background.
A photo of large mountains with a few trees and small white spots of snow in Yellowstone National Park.
A man in a suit and tie gives a lecture with a screen to his right. The backs of people's heads in attendance can be seen in the foreground.
A group of people sitting at tables look at a man with a microphone giving a presentation
Portraits of Professor Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy, left, and Professor Kim Kurtis, right, are set against a gold geometric background

September 2021

A graphic featuring a smart phone with yellow, blue and orange lines next to the words On-Dmand Multimodal Transit
modest flames burn along the ground beneath a field of pine trees as a firefighter walks through the background
A woman wearing protective face mask looks at her smartphone as a bus goes by
New CEE Faculty: Bozeman, Pinto, Meyer, Graham (left to right)
CEE Welcomes New Faculty
September 21, 2021
Remembering 9/11
September 10, 2021
Georgia Tech President Emeritus G. Wayne Clough stands with his arms resting on a stair handrail with international flags hanging in the background.
Michael Rodgers poses in a coat and tie with trees in the background

August 2021

A closely cropped headshot of Andrew White
lettuce growing in a hydroponic facility

July 2021

two men wearing white hard hats install solar panels
three headshots in hexagonal shapes on a yellow background with the words Forty Under Forty
Cars and trucks drive on an interchange with roads branching off in several directions.

June 2021

A close up of coal ash and a silver instrument in a dish held by hands in white latex gloves
A person in a white hard hat works on a blue canoe with red orange and yellow stripes
A portrait of Professor Patricia Mokhtarian

May 2021

A portrait of Professor Srinivas Peeta
Maria Warren holds the book "BUILT" by Roma Agrawal standing in front of trees and a brick building.
Arash Yavari stands in front of shelves stacked with colorful books
A black and white portrait of Assistant Professor Emily Grubert in front of green and blue graphics of the earth, environment and infrastructure.

April 2021

Sheng Dai Earns Tenure
April 27, 2021
A composite photo on a gold background. From left: Professor Susan Burns, Professor Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy and Professor Kostas Konstantinidis
PhD Student Emily Sanders, left, and Professor Glaucio Paulino, right, hold red 3-D printed models as they stand on a campus sidewalk surrounded by greenery.
A close up view of a typewriter ribbon with with the words "Stories Matter" typed on a piece of white paper

March 2021

A graphic featuring a woman smiling in commencement regalia with banners reading "Civil Engineering No. 2" and Environmental Engineering No. 6" and "According U.S. News and World Report's 2022 graduate rankings
Timothy Purvis, wearing a blue collared shirt, speaks during the virtual Entrepreneurial Impact Competition. At the bottom of the screen are boxes with the other participants, and the Georgia Tech logo is at the bottom right.
Laura Yang wears a striped sweater and poses in front of a wooden background with a plant visible in the lower right corner
Victoria Lynn, at right, smiles wearing a red striped shirt. To the left is a gold chevron with the words A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation.
Demonstrators hold a banner reading "March for Science"
A compilation of 10 headshots with a banner that reads, "ASCE New Faces of Civil Engineering College 2021"

February 2021

A portrait of Reginald DesRoches on a black background with text
A snowy residential street with gray skies
Professor Glaucio Paulino, wearing a gray blazer, smiles as he looks to the left
A split image includes a portrait Donald Webster to the left and Sotira Yiacoumi to the right.

January 2021

This illustration depicts a multifunctional, magnetically responsive origami system, possessing distributed, untethered control capabilities.
Standing before a white board wearing a black blazer, Lisa Rosenstein leads a class.
Gretchen Goldman wears a light blazer and sits before a microphone
Emily Grubert is wearing a blue blazer and standing outdoors in front of a tree.
A black and white photo of Professor Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy layered on top of a color photo of a busy city with the Uncommon Engineer Podcast logo in the corner

December 2020

Elisabeth McDonnell will be graduating in December with a B.S. in environmental engineering.
A map of the United States uses color to illustrate the lifespan of existing power plants

November 2020

A black and white vintage photo of cars parked in front of the marquee sign for Paschal's Motor Hotel and Restaurant
A yellow lift drops a white shipping container next to a brick building.
Biological wastewater treatment equipment reflected on smooth water with a blue sky and clouds.
A composite photo featuring six portraits of the future faculty fellows
a commercial airplane viewed from below is flying against a blue sky with white clouds

October 2020

Red, navy blue and yellow paper folded into origami structures illustrate how the shapes change when pressure is applied.
A woman sitting with a laptop computer on her lap and a cup of coffee on the floor of her home

September 2020

Four students sit attentitively at a long table in a lecture hall
A black and white photo of Kari Watkins layered on top of a stylized image of a commuter train with the logo of the Uncommon Engineer podcast
A graphic with a portrait of Stacie Sire in a blazer advertising the Hyatt Distinguished Leadership Speaker Series

August 2020

A candid photo of Professor Glaucio Paulino
An AeroMexico Airplane is taking off with a blue sky in the background
Professor John E. Taylor stands in front of the Mason Building

July 2020

A man in a yellow hard hat and orange reflective vest works on a concrete sensor installation
Larissa Novelino, a Ph.D. student at Georgia Tech, has long black hair and is wearing a black shirt and a black mask ovrer her nose and mouth. She is standing next to a table showing several metamaterial prototypes at different scales. They are different colors and range in size from smallest to largest.
The Akyem Mine TSF Cell 1 (background) and TSF Cell 2 (foreground) at a tailings storage facility in Ghana.

June 2020

Tech Tower against a blue sky surrounded by trees
 A Portrait of Professor Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy
The four members of the student team River Recon pose in front of the Atlanta skyline

May 2020

April 2020

In the Way of Traffic
April 17, 2020

March 2020

Sheng Dai

February 2020

President Emeritus G. Wayne Clough
An illustration depicts how the device would inactivate pathogens in drinking water using an electic field

January 2020

Portrait of Georgia Tech Provost Rafael L. Bras
Bill Higginbotham presents at the Hyatt Lecture on Feb. 6.
A grid featuring eight head shots of ENR Southeast's 2020 Top Young Professionals

December 2019

Donald Webster, Karen and John Huff Chair of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, poses with Tech Green in the background.
rendering of the proposed "Burrowing Robot with Integrated Sensing System"

November 2019

Rendering of 16-story Piedmont Atlanta Tower
Sachin Shailendra portrait

October 2019

Coal-fired power plant in central Wyoming billowing smoke
Ellen Dunham Jones, Chuck Marohn and Kari Watkins talk about transportation infrastructure
Three Georgia Tech students stand by the podium at the Water Environment Federation's student design competition
Alex Ip, Abigail Crombie, and Matthew Falcone were selected for the Millennium Fellowship
John Huff, CE 68, delivered the fall 2019 lecture in the Kenneth Hyatt Distinguished Alumni Leadership Speaker Series Oct. 3. (Photo: Amelia Neumeister)
Moyosore Afolabi has been selected to receive a scholarship from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s Minority Ph.D. program.

September 2019

National leaders in smart city digital twin technology gathered at the Coda Building at Georgia Tech Sept. 16-17. Photo By: Amelia Neumeister
Glaucio Paulino, a professor in the Georgia Tech School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, demonstrates hyperbolic paraboloid origami

August 2019

Chris Lai
Ryan Sherman
Lauren Stewart. Text: Uncommon Engineering Podcast Episode! Blast Engineering. Listen Now. (Graphic: Sarah Collins)

July 2019

Alumni Dwight Evans and Wick Moorman, with his wife Bonnie. They've each established new endowed professorships to support faculty in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
The volcanic tsunami generator simulates a volcanic eruption by “punching” through the water’s surface. Professor Hermann Fritz built this one-of-a-kind setup and conducted a series of experiments to better understand tsunamis created by eruptions of underwater volcanoes. (Photo: Yibin Liu)
Ph.D. student Shahrokh Shahi
Researchers studied the impact of warming on microbial communities in a tundra area near Denali National Park in Alaska. (Photo: Ted Schuur, Northern Arizona University)
Screenshot of GPB story about G. Wayne Clough's new book, "Things Strange and New: A Southerner’s Journey through the Smithsonian Collections."
Frederick Law Olmstead John E. Taylor (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)

June 2019

Ph.D. student Anye Zhou drives the new full-size simulator in Srinivas Peeta’s lab. The simulator is built from a 2013 Ford Focus and includes wraparound screens to immerse test drivers in the simulated environment. (Photo: Candler Hobbs)
A laptop computer and iPhone show the Filio web app and mobile app, respectively. (Photo: Amelia Neumeister)
Angshuman Guin demonstrates how a cell phone tracks Gwinnett County Fire Department trucks and data about traffic to improve response times. Guin is working with Gwinnett on connected vehicle technology as part of the first round of Georgia Tech’s Georgia Smart Communities Challenge. (Photo: Allison Carter)
Professor Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy.
Alejandro Martinez welcomes engineers, biologists, physicists and others to the First International Workshop on Bio-Inspired Geotechnics in May at the University of California, Davis. The unique gathering aimed to better define the emerging field of bio-inspired geotechnics and connect researchers from a broad range of disciplines to collaborate on groundbreaking ideas in the area. (Photo: Noah Pflueger-Peters/UC Davis)
The new class of Future Faculty Fellows: Bill Jin, Sung Hoo Kim, Yunping Liang and Ming Liu.
Roman arenas have survived in many earthquake-prone regions. Did the Romans inadvertently build seismic wave cloaks when they designed colosseums? Some researchers believe they did due to the arenas' resemblance to modern experimental elastodynamic cloaking devices. (Photo: Paolo Costa Baldi via Wikimedia Commons)

May 2019

Screenshot of Atlanta Journal-Constitution story "Could drones be the solution to Atlanta's traffic gridlock?" including a rendering of a city with a four-propeller Uber Eats drone flying above.
A researcher measures the width of a crack in a reinforced concrete column after testing the strength of the column. A new project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency will develop a field-deployable tool to detect cracks far smaller than this — and inside rather than outside — thick reinforced concrete structures. (Photo: Chris Kiser)
Ph.D. student Tuo Zhao stands in front of shelves filled with books. (Photo Courtesy: Center for Teaching and Learning)
Raymond Allen Jones Chair Glaucio Paulino looks leftward and smiles. (Photo: Rob Felt)
Andrea Hence Evans, BCE 1999, who's now an intellectual property attorney outside Washington. (Photo Courtesy: Law Firm of Andrea Hence Evans)
Guiliana Stovall sits on a bench with her roller derby roller skates. Stovall, a long-time roller derby player, knew she would continue to skate when she came to Georgia Tech. And since Tech had no outlet, she founded Yellow Jacket Roller Derby. (Photo Courtesy: Giuliana Stovall)

April 2019

First-year Ph.D. student Aaron Miller
Professor Spyros Pavlostathis
Vakaa Design — a team comprising, left to right, Justin Liu, Chris Folsom, Kailee Unangst and Hannah Davis — accepts the first-place check for civil and environmental engineering at the spring 2019 Capstone Design Expo alongside Associate Professor Kari Watkins. The team had to design the alignment of new express lanes along Interstate 285 in northwest Atlanta, including the structural elements to supported the elevated lanes. (Photo: Amelia Neumeister)
Ideas to Serve solutions winner Abigail Cohen presented by judge Kathleen Kurre.
Graphic of cars, trucks and buses with clouds of smoke and a hazy city skyline. Text: The Next Frontier in Air Quality - Finding new ways to understand air pollution. (Graphic: Sarah Collins)
A new type of origami can morph from one pattern into a different one, or even a hybrid of two patterns, instantly altering many of its structural characteristics. (Photo: Allison Carter)
Structure of a methane clathrate block found embedded in sediment in the subduction zone off Oregon’s coast. A German research ship found this hydrate roughly 4,000 feet below the ocean’s surface in the top layer of the ocean floor. (Photo Courtesy: Wusel007 via Wikimedia Commons)
Georgia Tech’s American Society of Civil Engineers chapter won second place overall at the 2019 Carolinas Regional Conference, including top finishes in the paper competition as well as the structural tower load efficiency, steel bridge weight, and steel bridge aesthetics categories. (Photo Courtesy: David Scott)
Civil engineering alumnus G. Ben Turnipseed, who was inducted into the Georgia Tech Engineering Hall of Fame April 6. (Photo: Gary Meek)
Undergraduates Marissa Grant and Suleman Rana.
Environmental engineering Ph.D. student Laura Mast, left, and math Ph.D. student Samantha Petti visit Georgia congressman John Lewis' office. They were unable to meet with Lewis, but they did have conversations with staffers from several Georgia representatives' offices during the Catalyzing Advocacy for Scientists and Engineers Workshop, a three-day crash course in federal policymaking and science advocacy. Mast and Petti were the only two students from Georgia Tech who attended. (Photo: Robert Knotts)

March 2019

Elizabeth and Bill Higginbotham at dusk with the Midtown Atlanta skyline in the background. (Photo: Gary Meek)
Students from the International Disaster Reconnaissance Studies course walk through ruined buildings in Old Beichuan, China. The city has been left as a memorial to those killed when it was rocked by the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in central China. The site was one of the places students visited in China and Japan over Spring Break as they considered the impact of disasters and how communities rebuilt. (Photo Courtesy: Lynnae Luettich and Katie Popp)
Assistant Professor Lauren Stewart in the Structural Engineering and Materials Lab. (Photo: Gary Meek)
Former Ph.D. students Shelly Zhang and Eric Johnston, who have won the Sigma Xi Best Ph.D. Thesis award for 2019.
Natual gas storage tanks with excess methane burning off. (Photo Courtesy: Jeffrey Phillips via Flickr)
Professor and Associate Dean Laurence Jacobs, left, accepts a lifetime achievement award in nondestructive evaluation from Tribikram Kundu at the SPIE Smart Structures and Nondestructive Evaluation Symposium in early March. (Photo Courtesy: Laurence Jacobs and SPIE)
Lauren Stewart and Nelson Baker, who both have earned promotions.
CEE's graduate programs in civil engineering and environmental engineering are No. 4 in the nation, according to U.S. News and World Report's 2020 survey. (Graphic: Amelia Neumeister)
Water pouring from a faucet. (Photo Courtesy: Steve Johnson via Flickr)
Ph.D. student April Gadsby. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Cargo ship loaded with freight containers at sea with a muted, gray sky. (Photo Courtesy: Mike Baird via Flickr)

February 2019

First-year student Alex Ip.
Fourth-year civil engineering student Rana Suleman accepts a scholarship from the Georgia Engineering Foundation in December. The award was one of two scholarships Rana received at the end of the year to fund his final year of undergraduate studies. (Photo Courtesy: Georgia Engineering Foundation)
Top 100 Influential Women in Georgia graphic from Engineering Georgia magazine, including headshots of many of the women on the list.
Professor and Associate Dean Kimberly Kurtis (Photo: Christopher Moore)
Professor of the Practice John Koon talks teaches his Senior Design class on a recent Thursday. Koon is one of the newest members of the National Academy of Engineering, one of the highest honors for the nation's engineers. (Photo: Amelia Neumeister)
Ph.D. student April Gadsby stands on a bridge over a canal in the Netherlands in 2017 with a few of the country's famed windmills in the background. (Photo Courtesy: April Gadsby)
Rendering of a two-story air-mobility hub with a landing area for four-rotor aircraft and a lower level for vehicle traffic. If the new Center for Urban and Regional Air Mobility has its way, "vertiports" like this may soon be as popular as bus stops for city commuters and package transport. (Illustration: Yongmin Kim)

January 2019

Ph.D. student Jackie Knee
Downtown Atlanta skyline with traffic on the I-75/I-85 Downtown Connector. (Photo: Fitrah Hamid)
Screenshot of Scientific American/Knowable Magazine story, "How Humans Get in the Way of Clean Water," which features an image of a silver tap with water flowing out.
Michael and Jenny Messner. (Photo Courtesy: The Messners)
Professor John Crittenden
Assistant Professer Iris Tien sits at her desk in her Georgia Tech office. (Photo: Allison Carter)
Video screenshot of Rudy Bonaparte delivering the Karl Terzaghi Lecture on March 8, 2018. Split screen shows Bonaparte at a podium on the right and his title slide on the left, "Geotechnical Stability of Waste Fills – Lessons Learned and Continuing Challenges."
Cover design for the new National Academy of Engineering report, "Environmental Engineering for the 21st Century: Address Grand Challenges." It features the Earth in the center with photos around the circumference of a child drinking water from a spigot, a piece of glacier breaking off, a bulldozer atop piles of trash, a city skyline, and professional-looking people gathered around a laptop.
Frederick R. Dickerson Chair Srinivas Peeta (Photo: Luke Xinjing Xu)
Assistant Professor Emily Grubert

December 2018

Winners of 2018 Eisenhower Fellowships: Ph.D. student David Ederer, Ph.D student Atiyya Shaw and master's student Andreas Wolfe.
Karen and John Huff School Chair Donald Webster. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Visitors consider the artwork created by students in Francesco Fedele's Visual Arts and Geometry course at the Kai Lin Gallery Dec. 11. The drawings hung for one night at the gallery to celebrate the students' work in the class, which connected advanced geometry with art through the lenses of Einstein and Picasso.
An autonomous Waymo Chrysler Pacifica drives around Los Altos, California. (Photo Courtesy: Dllu via Wikimedia Commons)
Screenshot of BBC News story about new data collected by Hermann Fritz and his colleagues after the tsunami in Indonesia in September.
Silver dipoles are arranged across the folds of a Miuri-Ori pattern to create a radio frequency filter that’s tunable. By adjusting the dimensions, the filter can block a wide range of frequencies. (Photo: Rob Felt)
Ph.D. student Atiyya Shaw, who is the student of the year for the Center for Teaching Old Models New Tricks.
Downtown Atlanta skyline with the Downtown Connector and the eastern edge of Georgia Tech's campus. (Photo: Fitrah Hamid)
Professor Arash Yavari, who has been elected a fellow of the Society of Engineering Science. (Photo: Amelia Neumeister)
2018 CEE Awards Winners: Shelly Zhang, Phanish Suryanarayana, Anna Nord, Jorge Laval, Jamia Luckett, Susan Jin, Shauna Bennett-Boyd, Billy Plum, Cong Luo, David Scott, and Melisa Hubbs. (Photo: Amelia Neumeister)
The BAMM Engineering senior design team won top prize among the 18 civil and environmental engineering groups at the fall 2018 Capstone Design Expo Dec. 4. Team members with Buzz at the expo awards ceremony: Michael Nieman, left, Bailey Little, Andrew White and Matthew Gruba. (Photo: Amelia Neumeister)
Professor Emeritus Samuel Martin, who died Nov. 14. Faculty members and colleagues remembered Martin as a dedicated mentor, colleague and friend.

November 2018

Sam Coogan, who is the new Demetrius T. Paris Assistant Professor.
The global amount of recoverable fecal waste harbors risks, such as water contamination, but also opportunities to harvest natural resources. A new study from Carlton S. Wilder Assistant Professor Joe Brown, left, and others at Georgia Tech has determined just how much of that recoverable biomass exists. Here, Brown is pictured with former student Andrew Loo. (Photo: Gary Meek)
The new members of the School's External Advisory Board: Raul Delgado, Fred Carlson, Art Williams, Murray Griffin and Rebecca Nease.
Alumni Jim Anderson, Andrea Hence Evans and Rick Garcia, who all studied civil engineering but have ended up in far different careers.
These five School of Civil and Environmental Engineering students won scholarships from the Intelligent Transportation Society of Georgia for their essays about the ways intelligent transportation systems and technology could help the United States eliminate roadway deaths and serious injuries by 2025. From left, Ph.D. students Somdut Roy, April Gadsby and Cibi Pranav; undergraduate Katie Popp; and Ph.D. student Hanyan "Ann" Li. (Photo Courtesy: Intelligent Transportation Society of Georgia)
Screenshot of North Avenue Smart Corridor: One Year Later video, with student riding a scooter on separated bike path and traffic in vehicle lanes.
Civil engineering master's student Cheyenne Hunt waves during one of Georgia Tech's football games this year. Hunt is a walk-on offensive tackle finishing his final year on the team. (Photo: Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics)
McCarthy Building Company Project Manager Justis Brogan tells a group of School of Civil and Environmental Engineering students about the canopies being installed at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Teams of students and industry mentors spent a day brainstorming ways to use robotics to improve the installation as part of the School's second Tech Blitz Nov. 9. (Photo: Eric Marks)
Master's student Nicholas Sianta and Ph.D. student Seth Mallett, winners of national scholarships from ADSC: The International Association of Foundation Drilling. (Photos: Belal Elnaggar, Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Professor Laurie Garrow
WTS Atlanta Chapter scholarship winners Michelle Henriques, Susan Jin, Becca Kiriazes and Abhilasha Saroj.
Heavy traffic with sun setting. Text: Uncommon Engineering: New Podcast Episode! Travel Behavior in the Modern Age. Listen Now. (Graphic: Sarah Collins)
Looking up at several levels of highway bridges and overpasses stretching across roads with blue sky above. (Photo Courtesy: Drriss & Marrionn via Flickr)
Professor Kimberly Kurtis, who is the newest member of the ASCE Foundation's Council of Trustees. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)

October 2018

A pilot project funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture will use wastewater nutrients to grow produce on Georgia Tech’s campus to test a model for decentralizing production of vegetables such as these.
Assistant Professor Jorge Macedo and Professor Paul Mayne.
Environmental engineering Ph.D. student Victoria Dean.
Closeup of an origami structure created through Digital Light Processing 3D printing. (Photo: Christopher Moore)
This image from software developed by NASA shows air traffic across the United States. Assistant Professor Sam Coogan has received funding from the U.S. Air Force to use new techniques to understand and manage how physical networks with interconnected components function. His work applies to all kinds of systems, like roads, airspace, water systems and factories. (Image Courtesy: NASA)
Professor of the Practice Eric Marks
Microbes in soil can break down nitrous oxide, N2O, into harmless nitrogen, N2, but they don't always do a good job, according to Professor Kostas Konstantinidis. He has a new grant from the National Science Foundation to understand why. The problem is that the nitrous oxide is a powerful and damaging greenhouse gas. The study will focus on agricultural land, where nitrogen is often added to soil as fertilizer, and tropical forests. (Image Courtesy: Kostas Konstantinidis)
Wassim Selman, a triple alumnus of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, delivered the fall 2018 lecture in the Kenneth Hyatt Distinguished Alumni Leadership Speaker Series Oct. 2. Selman focused on the importance of keeping people in the equation — and even presented his own equation for how to do that. (Photo: Qiusen Huang)
Assistant Professor Lauren Stewart in the Structural Engineering and Materials Lab. (Photo: Gary Meek)

September 2018

An illustration depicting chemical catalysis on surfaces and nanostructures. A new $2.8 million study led by School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Associate Professor Phanish Suryanarayana will harness the power of future supercomputers to understand the interactions that take place in these kinds of chemical reactions. (Image Courtesy: Andrew Medford)
Fourth-year civil engineering student Schayne Fox, left, said mentor Mary Shinners has become her go-to person for questions about everything from class schedules to preparing for the Fundamentals of Engineering exams. Schayne and Shinnners, who finished her bachelor's in civil engineering in 2014 and her master's in 2015, met this summer through the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering's GOLD Mentoring Program. (Photo: Joshua Stewart)
Amanda Wall Vandegrift, BSCE 2012, MSCE 2013, one of Mass Transit magazine's Top 40 Under 40 for 2018. (Photo Courtesy: InfraStrategies LLC)
Professor Kostas Konstantinidis, who will attend the 2018 Arab-American Frontiers of Science, Engineering and Medicine at the invitation of the National Academy of Science. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering's undergrad civil program is No. 2 in the nation and environmental is No. 4, according to U.S. News and World Report's 2019 survey (graphic includes photo of the Ramblin' Reck).
Ph.D. student and Sandia National Labs intern Rebecca Nylen kneels next to blasted steel cylinders, some of her handy work as a computational shock physicist. (Photo: Randy Montoya, Sandia National Laboratories)
Srinivas Peeta, the Frederick R. Dickerson Chair in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. (Photo: Luke Xinjing Xu)
Power poles stretch into a bright sun with mist hovering just above the ground.
Graduate student Cynthia Lee, left, and Assistant Professor Iris Tien with their first-place infrastructure paper aware at Resilience Week 2018. (Photo Courtesy: Iris Tien)

August 2018

A photomicrographic view of Bacillus anthracis bacteria taken from heart blood and processed using a carbol-fuchsin stain. (Image Courtesy: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Associate Professor Yong Cho with his Distinguished Professor award from the Construction Industry Institute. (Photo Courtesy: Construction Industry Institute)
Srinivas Peeta, the new Frederick R. Dickerson Chair in the School of CIvil and Environmental Engineering. (Photo Luke Xinjing Xu)
Assistant Professor Jorge Macedo
Assistant Professor Jennifer Kaiser. (Photo: Joshua Stewart)
Michael Rodgers, principal research scientist in the school and now a Regents Researcher. (Photo: Joshua Stewart)
Hermann Fritz helping install the Volcanic Tsunami Generator at the O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory at Oregon State University earlier this summer. (Photo: Angela Del Rosario / Courtesy: Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure)
Field Notes podcast logo with headphones
Ph.D. student Sangy Hanumasagar, who has won a 2018 fellowship from the Geosynthetic Institute.
Susan Burns, the new associate chair for administration and finance, and Kevin Haas, the new associate chair for undergraduate programs.
Karen and John Huff School Chair Donald Webster, who will be part of the inaugural year of the Atlantic Coast Conference Academic Leaders Network. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)

July 2018

Ph.D. student Jianfeng Zhou, who has won a fellowship from the National Water Research Institute.
Geothermal plant. The Next Frontier in Renewable Energy: Hot rocks combine with water to create power. (Graphic: Sarah Collins)
Army Lt. Col. Kate Sanborn, the new commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Honolulu District. (Photo Courtesy: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)
Screenshot of WABE-FM website featuring Randall Guensler and Daniel Walls explaining their simple wheelchair-based system for cataloging sidewalk conditions.
Professor Hermann Fritz
Two samples of the super-absorbent polymer beads Xing Xie is developing to improve diagnostic tests on biological samples in far-flung places. These beads, roughly half a millimeter in size, have been dyed so they're easier to see. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Environmental engineering senior Megan Haynes, center, with her mechanical engineering collaborators Andrey Gunawan, left, and Shannon Yee. Haynes has been doing research on desalination that recently won her second place in an American Society of Mechanical Engineers paper competition. (Photo Courtesy: Megan Haynes)
Kostas Konstantinidis, the new Maulding Faculty Fellow in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Paper origami models demonstrate various folding patterns that can be useful in engineering applications. In the foreground is a sheet in the Miura-ori pattern. (Photo: Rob Felt)

June 2018

Assistant Professor Iris Tien, who was one of 30 engineers from the United States invited to the Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering symposium organized by the National Academy of Engineering and its Japanese counterpart. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Joe Brown, who is the new Carlton S. Wilder Assistant Professor in the School as of July 1. (Photo: Gary Meek)
Joe Manous, BCE 1980, the new director of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Institute for Water Resources. (Photo Courtesy: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)
Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy, who has been elected a fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers. (Photo: Zonglin "Jack" Li)
OceanVisions: Science and Engineering to enable solutions, an initiative of the Georgia Tech Ocean Science & Engineering program, the Smithsonian Ocean Portal, Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment. (Image: Emanuele Di Lorenzo)
Georgia Smart Communities Challenge graphic with the state of Georgia and the four winning communities, Albany, Chamblee, Chatham County and Gwinnett County.
Civil engineering undergrad Elie Cohen flexes his biceps while holding his mandolin in front of an American Ninja Warrior 2018 sign. (Photo Courtesy: NBC)
Ph.D. student Scotty Smith, who will spend six months living in Paris next year as a Chateaubriand Fellow.

May 2018

Floodwaters cover Port Arthur, Texas, on August 31, 2017, following Hurricane Harvey. Staff Sgt. Daniel J. Martinez took this photo from a South Carolina Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter during rescue operations following the storm. (Photo: Staff Sgt. Daniel J. Martinez, U.S. Air National Guard)
The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering's new Future Faculty Fellows: Aaron Bivins, Albert Liu, Neda Mohammadi and Saubhagya Singh Rathore.
Professor Spyros Pavlostathis, who has been elected a fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers.
Claudio Martinez from the Dominican Republic’s Oficina Nacional de Meteorologia in Matancitas with local resident Patria, right, who took Martinez and Georgia Tech’s Hermann Fritz back to the site of a 1946 tsunami in the area. Patria remembered how high waters had reached at this palm tree, helping the team reconstruct the tsunami’s impacts more than seven decades after it happened. (Photo Courtesy: Hermann Fritz)
Screenshot of Civil + Structural Engineer magazine's 2018 Rising Stars web page.
Rachel Brashear, a fourth-year civil engineering undergraduate, stands in front of the Van Leer Building and the under-construction Interdisciplinary Design Commons. Brashear has been working as the project's on-site engineer with Gilbane Building Company. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Civil engineering students Yang Jiang, Emily Sanders and Heng Chi plus computation science and engineering student Yuyu Zhang with their first-place check after the Siemens FutureMakers Challlenge. Their concept for the hackathon at Georgia Tech combined machine learning and topology optimization to make computational design and digital manufacturing more efficient and effective. (Photo Courtesy: Glaucio Paulino)
Sam Dennard, who graduates May 5 from Georgia Tech with a bachelor's in civil engineering and a job at Pond & Company waiting. (Photo: Rob Felt)
Andrew Pofahl explains to judges some of the design ideas his Delft Blauw Design team proposed for Ted Turner Drive in downtown Atlanta. Two teams of Georgia Tech students offered redesigns of the road for the Ted Turner Drive Resiliency Corridor Challenge. Delft Blauw Designs won second place in the competition. (Photo: Joshua Stewart)
Austin Sanders, who graduates from Georgia Tech with his bachelor's in civil engineering May 5. (Photo: Allison Carter)
Amy Ingles, the Florida Bicycle Association's Professional of the Year for 2017. Ingles earned bachelor's and master's degrees in civil engineering at Georgia Tech. (Photo Courtesy: Amy Ingles)

April 2018

Atlanta Cypress Engineering won the civil and environmental engineering award at the spring 2018 Capstone Design Expo. The team poses with the winning check. From right: Blane Solomon, Andrew Pofahl, Buzz, Alex Hare, and Ramiro Santana along with senior design professor John Koon. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Alumnus Leo Vecellio speaks after his induction into the Georgia Tech College of Engineering Hall of Fame April 21. (Photo: Gary Meek)
Ph.D. student Abby Francisco, who has received a National Science Foundation graduate fellowship. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Power plant smoke stacks. A new study led by Tellepsen Chair Armistead "Ted" Russell found that power plant and motor vehicle pollution regulations resulted in better air quality and fewer emergency hospital visits for Atlanta area residents for respiratory problems. (Photo Courtesy: Nick Humphries via Flickr.)
Professor Paul Mayne, who will be the 2018-2019 Cross-USA Lecturer for the American Society of Civil Engineers' Geo-Institute.
Professor Don White, who has received a lifetime achievement award from the American Institute of Steel Construction.
The ASCE concrete canoe team launches their vessel for the women’s sprint race, where chapter president Caroline Stanton and conference chair Alesa Stallman placed second after winning their heat. (Photo: Vy Le)
The Living Building from the northwest, showing the building's "porch" opening to the Eco-Commons to the west. (Image Courtesy: The Miller Hull Partnership and Lord Aeck Sargent)
Civil engineering senior Arjun Bir and his Oasis team, center, won the $15,000 grand prize in the MIT Water Innovation Prize competition April 4. The team created a simple, inexpensive test for detecting E. coli in drinking water in India. (Photo: Andi Sutton/Abdul Latif Jameel World Water and Food Security Lab at MIT)
Ph.D. student David Ederer, who has been selected for the 2018 class of the Eno Center for Transportation Future Leaders Development Conference.

March 2018

Georgia Tech researchers Glaucio Paulino, left, and Jerry Qi hold 3-D printed objects that use tensegrity, a structural system of floating rods in compression and cables in continuous tension. They’ve developed a new way to create structures with “memory” that can expand dramatically when heated. (Photo: Rob Felt)
Students collect samples along the Choqueyapu River in La Paz, Bolivia, over spring break. They were one of three classes that traveled to three different continents this year. (Photo Courtesy: Joe Brown)
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Facilities Manager Andy Udell holds a his Building Manager of the Year plaque March 19 at Georgia Tech's Building Manager Symposium. (Photo: Allison Carter)
Associate Professor Baabak Ashuri, who was named Outstanding Early Career Researcher for 2018 by the Construction Industry Institute.
CEE's graduate civil engineering program is No. 2 in the nation, according to U.S. News and World Report's 2019 survey. Graduate environmental engineering ranked No. 5. #WeCanDoThat
The sunrise from the top of Mt. Fuji in Japan in August 2016. Students in the International Disaster Reconnaissance Studies class that semester hiked all night to reach the top of the mountain in time for this view. (Photo: Kieron McCarthy)
Donald Webster will be the new Karen and John Huff Chair of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, effective May 1. Webster has been a professor in the School since 1997 and served as a member of the leadership team since 2007.
3-D printed models of the deep-pile foundations seventh-graders from Atlanta’s Drew Charter School designed as part of a STEM outreach program through the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the NSF-funded Center for Bio-Mediated and Bio-Inspired Geotechnics. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
James Clark, former president and CEO of Clark Construction and founder of the A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation. The foundation has given Georgia Tech $15 million to create a Clark Scholars Program for students who want to study engineering. (Photo Courtesy: A. James and Alice B. Clark Foundation)
Fourth-year civil engineering student Lin Htet Kyaw, who has won a national scholarship from Chi Epsilon.
Inclusivity in Engineering graphic with multicolored hands reaching up. (Graphic: Sarah Collins)
Associate Professors Yong Cho and Jingfeng Wang, who have earned tenure at Georgia Tech.

February 2018

Fizza Hassan, center, stands in front of the Sensoji Buddhist Temple in Tokyo's Asakusa neighborhood. Hassan, a civil engineering master's student, traveled to the city with her classmates from an origami engineering course she took at Georgia Tech in the fall taught by Glaucio Paulino. The class visited attractions around Japan and learned about origami principles from Paulino's collaborators in the country. (Photo Courtesy: Fizza Hassan)
Ph.D. student Ajay Saini, one of the American Society of Civil Engineers' O.H. Ammann Research Fellows in Structural Engineering for this year. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Jacqueline Quinn, an environmental engineer with NASA and a 1989 graduate of Georgia Tech, will be inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in May. (Photo Courtesy of Jacqueline Quinn)
Bill Calhoun talks with students after his spring 2018 presentation for the Hyatt Distinguished Alumni Leadership Speaker Series. Calhoun, vice chairman and executive vice president of Clark Construction, talked about the five principles that guide how he leads people and his company. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Pensacola Beach in the Florida Panhandle, one of the areas where oil washed ashore after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in April 2010. (Photo Courtesy: Smruthi Karthikeyan)
Cars speed along the Interstate 75/Interstate 85 Downtown Connector in Atlanta. (Photo: Rob Felt)
Engineering Georgia January/February 2018 issue featuring 100 influential women to know.
K.P. Reddy, BCE 1994, published his first book Feb. 5. "What You Know About Startups Is Wrong" aims to set the record straight on entrepreneurship and startup culture. (Photo Courtesy: The Combine)

January 2018

Four photos: Spices in Istanbul, Turkey; a silhouetted figure takes in the water and mountains in Interlaken, Switzerland; a young woman stands in front of Stonehenge in England; and a dive swims near colorful coral at the Great Barrier Reef.
Glaucio Paulino, Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy, Susan Burns and Donald Webster have been named four of the most-effective teachers at Georgia Tech, according to end-of-course surveys of their students.
Professor Arash Yavari stands in front of his packed bookcase in his Mason Building office. Yavari has embarked upon a four-year research project to lay the mathematical foundations for cloaking structures from earthquakes and other stress waves. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Alejandro Martinez collects data in Mexico after a major earthquake in September 2017. Martinez, MSCE 2012, Ph.D. 2015, was part of a team from the Geotechnical Extreme Events Reconnaissance Association that traveled to the impact zone to gather “perishable” data about the earthquake to help scientists and engineers prepare for future events. (Photo Courtesy of Geotechnical Extreme Events Reconnaissance Association via the Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine)
Ph.D. student Bill Jin, this year's winner of the Robert H. Kuhlman Student Scholarship from the Georgia chapter of the American Concrete Institute.
Hurricane Maria on Sept. 20, 2017, based on MODIS/Terra satellite image and processed by Antti Lipponen. (Photo Courtesy Antti Lipponen via Wikimedia Commons)

December 2017

Calvin Clark, David Boyer, Chelsea Dyess, Daniel Walls, David Ederer and Lauren Gardner have won Dwight Eisenhower Transportation Fellowships from the Federal Highway Administration.
Ph.D. students Emily Sanders and Aaron Bivins, who have been invited to ComSciCon Atlanta, a new conference in the southeast that aims to help graduate students improve their skills at communicating their scientific work to the general public.
Google Earth view of Lake Lanier from Buford Dam. Gwinnett County is to the right of the dam. (Image Courtesy: Google, Landsat/Copernicus)
Sharani White poses in her cap and gown with Midtown Atlanta in the background. White struggled in her first year, to the point that she almost had to transfer. But now she's finished her civil engineering degree and has been accepted to graduate school. (Photo: Titilayo Funso)
The Yoshi Group used a single Miura-ori based Yoshimura origami pattern to design four unique structures. From left, Phoebe Edalatpour, Jared Williams, Maria Yagnye and Emanuel Ferro hold models of their designs. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
A row of awards plaques presented to students, faculty and staff at the 2017 CEE Awards Ceremony Dec. 11. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
"The next frontier in environmental engineering: Brown tackles public health issues." Joe Brown and a student test environmental samples in his lab. (Photo: Gary Meek, Design: Sarah Collins)
Team J2AD Engineering won the civil and environmental engineering award at the fall 2017 Capston Design Expo. From left, Jessie Lei, Jiyoon Oh, Austin Foo and Donald Smith accept their winnings from Buzz (yellow jacket, center). (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Oloo, Uganda, community members stand with the water pump that Engineers Without Borders has helped them construct.

November 2017

Screeen capture of Governing op-ed by Kari Watkins and Cathering Nagel, "Urban Parks' Emerging Role as Transportation Infrastructure"
Ph.D. student Anirban Chatterjee, a 2018 International Road Federation Fellow.
A split-screen shot shows the very beginning and the aftermath of the Georgia Dome implosion Nov. 20, with nothing but a dust cloud remaining. (Photos: Zonglin "Jack" Li)
Five School of Civil and Environmental Engineering students have won Wayne Shackelford Scholarships from the Intelligent Transportation Society Georgia chapter. From left, Haobing Liu, Cibi Pranav, Lauren Gardner, Anirban Chatterjee and Zoe Turner-Yovanovitch each had to suggest smart technologies governments could use to improve urban mobility. (Photo Courtesy: ITS Georgia)
Master's student Alana Wilson is the Student of the Year for the Center for Advancing Research in Transportation Emissions, Energy and Health, a U.S. Department of Transportation-funded research center.
Five alumni joined the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering External Advisory Board in October: Richard Hummel, Orlando Mendez, Donald Paul, Meg Pirkle and I.J. Scott III. Each will serve six-year terms as outside counselors to the School’s leadership on everything from curriculum and student preparedness to fundraising and alumni outreach.
Georgia Tech and Georgia Department of Transportation researchers have earned an award for their work to automatically detect cracks, ruts and other pavement issues on the state's highways. Their system uses lasers and artificial intelligence to also detect and catalog roadside signs. This image shows an automatically detected pavement rut modeled in 3-D. (Image: James Tsai)
Students from the Georgia Tech chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers take down a piece of playground equipment for International Women's House in Decatur, Georgia. (Photo Courtesy: ASCE Georgia Tech)

October 2017

Grace Brosofsky, BSEnvE 2017, stands with her Student Sustainability Leadership award from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. (Photo Courtesy: Grace Brosofsky)
Alice Grossman, Tu Nguyen and Ann Li, winners of scholarships this year from the WTS Atlanta chapter. They will now compete with nominees from every other chapter for more financial support.
Part of the cover of Barry Goodno's new textbook, "Statics and Mechanics of Materials," co-written with James Gere. The new text offers a coordinated approach to both foundational courses in mechanics, according to Goodno. (Image Courtesy: Cengage and Barry Goodno)
Several chickens walking on a leaf and stick-covered area in Hapeville, Georgia. Joe Brown and a team of Georgia Tech researchers have received a grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study how antibiotic use on poultry farms might impact waterways near and downstream from the farms. They will collect samples in north Georgia to measure antibiotic resistance genes and resistant pathogens in the environment. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Chloe Johansen, left, and Iris Tien hold their first-place paper award at the Resilience Week 2017 conference for their work analyzing the vulnerabilities of interdependent infrastructure. They used Atlanta's water and power systems as a case study. (Photo Courtesy: Iris Tien)
A drawing shows potential new temporary barracks for Army troops built with cross-laminated timber. Researchers Lauren Stewart and Russell Gentry have received funding from the U.S. Forest Service to create designs for the barracks. (Image Courtesy: Lauren Stewart)
Skanska’s Jimmy Mitchell talks with a student at the School’s 2017 Career Expo. Mitchell, a 2005 civil engineering grad, has long been involved in mentoring Tech students. The School has launched a new program to involve more alumni in these kinds of relationships and is recruiting professionals and students. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Researchers Glaucio Paulino (left) and Ke Liu with origami structures that can be simulated in new software. (Photo: Rob Felt)
"Mass Transit" Expo Daily edition for Oct. 9, 2017, featuring article by Simon Berrebi about his research with Kari Watkins and Jorge Laval on bus bunching.
Andy Phelps delivers the fall 2017 lecture for the Hyatt Distinguished Alumni Leadership Speaker Series. (Photo by Zonglin "Jack" Li)
G7 2017 Italia logo

September 2017

Air pollution hangs over a portion of Beijing, China. A new study by researchers from Georgia Tech, the University of Minnesota, Yale University and partners in China finds that cities could cut greenhouse gas emissions by a third, significantly improving air quality and health, by adopting a series of strategies to reuse industrial waste. (Photo Courtesy: Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota)
Professor Emeritus Lawrence Kahn, who will accept the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute's Educator of the Year Award in early October. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Associate Professor Michael Hunter explains his work with the North Avenue Smart Corridor at the ribbon-cutting event for the roadway. Hunter appeared on WABE-FM's Closer Look Sept. 26 to talk about his work on autonomous vehicles, one of the technologies that will be tested along North Avenue. (Photo Courtesy: Georgia Tech Institute for People and Technology)
Headphones in front of an audio mixer and laptop during a podcast recording. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
The stern of the El Faro is shown on the ocean floor where it came to rest after sinking in Hurricane Joaquin in 2015. (Photo Courtesy: National Transportation Safety Board)
Associate Professor Michael Hunter stands along North Avenue, the City of Atlanta's new "smart corridor." Along with the city, the Georgia Department of Transportation and other partners, Hunter will help cut the ribbon for the corridor Sept. 14. (Photo: Chris Moore)
CEEatGT's undergraduate civil and environmental engineering programs are No. 2 in the nation, according to U.S. News and World Report's 2018 survey.
Calvin Clark, Xenia Wirth, Osvaldo Broesicke and Anna Skipper, who have each earned a scholarship from the Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation for 2017.
Alumnus C. David Moody Jr., who made the Atlanta Business Chronicle's list of the city’s most-admired chief executives.

August 2017

Associate Professor David Scott, right, accepts a President's Award from American Society of Civil Engineers Georgia Section President Shaukat Syed. (Photo Courtesy: John Pierson)
Ph.D. student Rodrigo Borela, who is a 2017 fellow of the Geosynthetics Institute.
Post-doctoral researcher Neda Mohammadi is one of the few early career women invited to MIT's Rising Stars workshop in October. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
WABE webpage for story featuring Kari Watkins, 'Do the "slow down" signs around Atlanta work?'
Eric Marks joined the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Aug. 1 as a professor of the practice — a homecoming of sorts, since Marks earned his Ph.D. in the School a few years ago.
Sam Coogan joins the Georgia Tech faculty this fall as an assistant professor in both the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
New faculty member Xing Xie stands in the lobby of the Ford Environmental Science and Technology Building. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Students in Kari Watkins' Sustainable Transportation Abroad class ride bicycles in the kind of bike lanes that permeate the Netherlands. The class spent nearly two weeks riding across the country and exploring the Dutch approach to transportation. (Photo: Anna Nord)
Screenshot of the BET Black Girls Rock! 2017 webpage, featuring alumna Suzanne Shank and other winners, Issa Rae, Maxine Waters, Natalie and Derrica Wilson, Roberta Flack, and Yara Shahidi.
Undergraduate Maggie Lindsey, left, with structural engineer Priyanka Singh in the main room of the Gaddi Baithak in Kathmandu, Nepal. Lindsey was an intern with Miyamoto International in the country during spring 2017, where she worked on a project to restore the 100-year-old palace. (Photo: Binod Shrestha)
Benjamin Hurwitz, Alexandra Muscalus, and Youngjun Son, the three civil and environmental engineering students who are part of the inaugural class of the ocean science and engineering Ph.D. program.
Social media flyer for Arcadis Global Shapers 2017 in Malaysia. Three people smiling at laptops and a photo of the Kuala Lumpur skyline.
Ph.D. student Anna Skipper, who will spend several months doing research at the University of Cambridge this fall as a Crighton Fellow.
Going with the Flow: On their entrepreneurial quest to make drinking water safe for all, two new Tech alumnae stand as testimony to the gumption and perseverance necessary to sustain a startup.

July 2017

Professor Spyros Pavlostathis, who is this year's recipient of the Fair Distinguished Engineering Educator Medal from the Water Environment Federation.
Using an iPad and an augmented reality model like this, students and other future users of Georgia Tech's Living Building will be able to tour the facility long before it opens, offering input on some of the design decisions. A user shows how the model will work at the future site of the building. (Photo Courtesy: Kendeda Fund Living Building Chronicle)
University of Oregon volcanologist Thomas Giachetti stands with an iceberg washed ashore by a landslide-generated tsunami in Greenland in June. (Photo: Hermann Fritz)
Smart Cities graphic with a rendering of the city of Atlanta.
Students in the Japan Program on Sustainable Development traveled all over Japan during the first week of the program and saw some iconic landmarks, like this "floating" torii gate on the island Miyajima. The group includes students from Georgia Tech, Tokyo Tech in Japan, and faculty members from Tech’s College of Engineering. (Photo: Alexandra Akosa)
Professor of the Practice Rudy Bonaparte, who will deliver the 2018 Terzaghi Lecture at the ASCE Geo-Institute annual meeting. (Photo Courtesy: Geosyntec Consultants)
Patricia Mokhtarian, the Susan G. and Christopher D. Pappas Professor. She has been invited to deliver the Deen Distinguished Lecture at the 2018 Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting.
Global Atlanta website story featuring civil engineering alumna Guiomar Obregon.

June 2017

Claire Anderson rides a ferry to the Oslo fjords in Norway. The environmental engineering junior spent the spring semester studying at Lund University in nearby Sweden with support from the Joe S. Mundy Global Learning Endowment. (Photos Courtesy: Claire Anderson)
Ph.D. students Courtney Di Vittorio, Laura Mast and Xenia Wirth, the School's first Future Faculty Fellows.
Assistant Professor Iris Tien, who will join 80 other exceptional young engineers at the National Academy of Engineering Frontiers of Engineering symposium. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Civil engineering senior Lin Htet Kyaw, who just won a scholarship from the Simpson Strong-Tie Company. (Photo Courtesy: Lin Htet Kyaw)
Students wait to meet with company representatives at the 2016 School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Career Expo. Among the firms that had success recruiting at the event were ARCADIS and Skanska, who were inaugural members of the School’s Corporate Affiliates Program and had prominent placement at the expo. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Georgia Tech researchers Glaucio Paulino, left, and Jerry Qi hold 3-D printed objects that use tensegrity, a structural system of floating rods in compression and cables in continuous tension. They’ve developed a new way to create structures with “memory” that can expand dramatically when heated. (Photo: Rob Felt)
Alumni Leo Vecellio and Bill Calhoun have been selected as fellows of the National Academy of Construction. (Photos Courtesy: Vecellio Group and Clark Construction)
Ph.D. student Javaid Anwar with his first-place poster at the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering conference. (Photo: David Scott)
A bicyclist rides in a marked bike lane alongside a multi-lane road in Lutz, Florida. A new study of bicycle infrastructure from a team of School of Civil and Environmental Engineering researchers has found we don’t know much yet about how well bicycle infrastructure like these lanes protect riders. (Photo Courtesy: Daniel Oines via Flickr.)
A paper that grew from Cesunica Ivey's doctoral research in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering has been named one of the two best papers in Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering for 2016. The article outlines a new way to estimate the amount and source of secondary PM2.5 pollution in the air.
Raymond Allen Jones Chair and Professor Glaucio Paulino has been named a fellow of the ASCE Engineering Mechanics Institute. (Photo: Rob Felt)
International Atomic Energy Agency fact-finding team leader Mike Weightman examines Reactor Unit 3 at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant on May 27, 2011. The team assessed damage from an earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 that caused three reactors at the plant to meltdown. (Photo: Gregg Webb / International Atomic Energy Agency)

May 2017

Judges watch as members of the Georgia Tech steel bridge team work to put together their creation at the National Student Steel Bridge Competition May 27 in Corvallis, Oregon. The team, which placed 14th out of 43 teams, advanced to nationals after winning their regional competition. (Photo: Zonglin “Jack” Li)
Assistant Professor Iris Tien, center, with WABE-FM's Jim Burress and Rose Scott after their conversation about Atlanta's infrastructure on the station's daily program Closer Look. (Photo Courtesy: WABE)
Courtney Di Vittorio, left, with her Ph.D. adviser, Aris Georgakakos and some of the data she's using for her research. Di Vittorio's work to incorporate satellite data into hydrologic models so decision-makers can improve water management plans has won her a 2017 Earth and Space Science Fellowship from NASA. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
A company founded by Georgia Tech students is pioneering a new model for helping rural communities in developing countries maintain — and sustain — water security.
Traffic moves through the interchange at Ashford-Dunwoody Road and Interstate 285 in Atlanta's Perimeter area. The busy district is one of several areas where the Georgia Department of Transportation and some School of Civil and Environmental Engineering alumni at Kimley-Horn and Associates are using advanced technology and traffic signal timing to maximize the flow of traffic. (Photo Courtesy: Kimley-Horn and Associates)
Newly minted Ph.D. Sujith Mangalathu received more good news in the days after he officially graduated from Georgia Tech: he also has won the 2017 Nevada Medal for his research on bridge engineering.
Civil engineering Ph.D. student Heng Chi, right, won the Robert J. Melosh Medal from Duke University in late April. Chi, who is the first Georgia Tech student ever to win the prestigious competition in computational mechanics, stands with co-winner Matthias Mayr, center, from Technical University of Munich, and Duke Associate Professor Guglielmo Scovazzi. (Photo Courtesy: John Dolbow/Duke University)
Ph.D. student Laura Mast is one of just 50 students nationwide who will learn how to better communicate the value and impact of their scientific work at a Harvard University conference for grad students in June. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Civil + Structural Engineer magazine has named Lauren Stewart one of the industry’s rising stars. She's the only full-time faculty member among the list's 29 professionals under 40 years old. (Photo: Gary Meek)
Fred Donovan Sr. speaks at the Georgia Tech College of Engineering Alumni Awards after being inducted in the Engineering Hall of Fame.
Ph.D. student Alice Grossman will spend 10 weeks in the nation’s capital this summer as a transportation policy fellow at the Eno Center for Transportation. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Water, water everywhere: In the world of water research, underserved communities provide the ultimate learning ground for undergrads.

April 2017

Team SEVEN Engineering with Buzz and Associate Professor Kari Watkins after they won for the best project among civil and environmental engineering teams at the spring 2017 Capstone Design Expo. Kemeria Abdella and Sharani White, middle, designed a full site development plan for a proposed medical office building in Cobb County, Georgia, along with Cathy Wong and Ming Yang. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Professor Kimberly Kurtis has been named interim chair of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, effective July 1, when current chair Reginald DesRoches departs for Rice University. Kurtis has been associate dean for faculty development and scholarship in the College of Engineering since 2014. (File Photo: Gary Meek)
Students learn about a rainwater collector in the El Campo community from a local engineering during their Spring Break research trip to Bolivia. The trip, part of the Environmental Technology in the Developing World class, included days of collecting water samples and surveying residents as well as days learning how rural communities have developed their own water systems. (Photo: Donald Smith)
Winnie Zambrana took home a Georgia Tech Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher award April 18 for her work with Joe Brown's research group. (Courtesy: Brown Water Group on Twitter)
Three School of Civil and Environmental Engineering students have won National Science Foundation graduate fellowships. Hannah Greenwald, left, is a graduating senior. April Gadsby, middle, and Rebecca Nylen are in the early stages of the graduate studies. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Reginald DesRoches, chair of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, will become dean of Rice University’s George R. Brown School of Engineering  effective July 1. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Joe Brown won the 2017 Women in Engineering Teaching Excellence Award April 11 for the postitive impact he's had on the lives of Georgia Tech's female engineering students. Two faculty members are recognized each year based on a survey of undergrad women in the College of Engineering. (File Photo)
Hannah Greenwald poses for the traditional senior photo with the Georgia Tech Ramblin' Reck. Greenwald has won the top honor for Tech engineering students, the Davidson Family Tau Beta Pi Senior Engineering Cup. (Courtesy: Hannah Greenwald)
Christopher Pappas is this year’s recipient of the Leadership Award for Outstanding Corporate Reinvention from the American Chemical Society’s Chemical Marketing and Economics group. (Courtesy: Business Wire)
Despina Tsementzi has won the Sigma Xi Best Ph.D. Dissertation award for 2017. (Courtesy: Despina Tsementzi)
Members of the ASCE steel bridge team put together their design at the Carolinas Regional Conference for student chapters April 1. The team, led by Colin Martin and Mihai Mavrodin, won first place and advance to national competition in May. (Photo: Thomas S. Teichmann)
The cover of "The Connector" in "Atlanta" magazine featuring the MARTA Army. (Courtesy: "Atlanta" magazine)

March 2017

Lauren Stewart talks with WSB-TV's Tom Regan about the Interstate 85 bridge collapse in Atlanta. Stewart said coordinated investigationsof the cause, cleanup of the site, and reconstruction of the highway will likely take months. She was among a handful of School of Civil and Environmental Engineering researchers who offered their engineering expertise to Atlanta and national media in the wake of the disaster. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Junior Arjun Bir’s work to improve lives in his native India and in the developing world has earned him the 2017 Alvin M. Ferst Leadership and Entrepreneur Award from Georgia Tech.
Alumnus Falak Shah has been named to a select group of young leaders who represent the Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ next generation, the Young Professionals Ambassadors. (Photo Courtesy: Falak Shah)
Professor Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy (Photo: Zonglin "Jack" Li)
Yannis Dialynas defended his Ph.D. thesis in January and hasn’t even celebrated his graduation. Yet he’s been working on the second State of the Carbon Cycle Report’s soils chapter, contributing insight from his doctoral research on the influence of soil erosion and carbon burial on the global carbon cycle.
Art Williams talks with students at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering's first scholarship and fellowship lunch. Williams and his family created the F. Everett Williams Scholarship for civil engineering students. (Photo: Joshua Stewart)
Screenshot of GPB web page featuring the March 16 segment on self-driving cars that included Michael Hunter.
Laurence J. Jacobs, associate dean for Academic Affairs in the College of Engineering and professor of civil and environmental engineering and mechanical engineering, will serve as interim dean of the College of Engineering starting July 1.
The Eno Center for Transportation has selected Stephanie Amoaning-Yankson for its 2017 class of fellows. The fifth-year Ph.D. student will attend the center's Future Leaders Development Conference this summer to hear from federal officials, transportation policymakers, and business leaders. (Photo Courtesy: Stephanie Amoaning-Yankson)
CEE's graduate civil engineering program is No. 2 in the nation, according to U.S. News and World Report's 2018 survey. Graduate environmental engineering ranked No. 7. (Image: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Team TruePani reacts after they're announced as the People's Choice Award winners at the 2016 InVenture Prize finals. The team designed an antimicrobial cup and water storage device that makes drinking water safer. Shannon Evanchec and Samantha Becker have been working full-time for the last year to turn their winning invention into a viable business. (Photo: Fitrah Hamid)
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering researchers have found that bacteria present in only small numbers in freshwater systems contain key genes that help the broader microbial community respond to environmental changes such as pollution or oil spills. The team used water from Lake Lanier northeast of Atlanta to test how microbial communities respond to common organic compounds. (Photo Courtesy: PBT1981 via Wikimedia Commons)

February 2017

Professor Emeritus Bruce Ellingwood
Assistant Professor Joe Brown has won an Early Career Development Award from the National Science Foundation. These so-called CAREER grants recognize promising young faculty with funds to help them establish the research director of their careers. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Suzanne Shank delivers the spring 2017 lecture for the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Kenneth Hyatt Distinguished Alumni Leadership Speaker Series. (Photo: Zonglin "Jack" Li)
Marc and Kate Sanborn are working on doctorates in civil engineering with Lauren Stewart. The couple, married since 2012, are majors in the U.S. Army and need advanced degrees to continue their careers teaching at the U.S. Military Academy. (Photo: Missy Jurick)
Michael Rodgers
Kari Watkins and Phanish Suryanarayana, who have earned tenure and will be promoted to the rank of associate professor this summer. (Photos: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents recently named Kim D. Jones a regents professor. (Photo: Texas A&M-Kingsville)
Headphones and a sound board before a recording for the first edition of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering's new "Field Notes" podcast. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Georgia Power Distinguished Professor Susan Burns

January 2017

Junior Maimuna Jallow at the Lake of Love in Bruges, Belgium. Jallow studied at Georgia Tech-Lorraine in the fall with help from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering's Joe S. Mundy Global Learning Endowment. (Photo Courtesy: Maimuna Jallow)
Arjun Bir talks about low-cost water tests at UNICEF in Bolivia. (Photo Courtesy: Arjun Bir)
Associate Professor Kevin Haas, one of the inaugural Provost Teaching and Learning Fellows.
Howard T. Tellepsen Chair Armistead "Ted" Russell (Photo: Justen Clay/Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine)
Professor Terry Sturm, who has been elected a fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers.
Sturm elected an ASCE fellow
January 12, 2017
Water drop

December 2016

Alesa Stallman accepts a scholarship from the International Concrete Repair Institute Georgia Chapter Dec. 6. (Photo Courtesy: Alesa Stallman)
K.P. Reddy, co-founder of The Combine and a 1994 civil engineering graduate. (Photo: The Combine)
Master's students Himanshu Wad and Helen Heindl. (Photo: Rob Felt)
A screencapture from civil engineering senior Raunac Khandaker's "Tech Reflections" audio slideshow.
John E. Taylor, the new Frederick L. Olmsted Profession in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Georgia Tech President G.P. “Bud” Peterson, seated left, signed an agreement in a ceremony in Shenzhen, China, Dec. 2 to create a new collaboration with the City of Shenzhen and Tianjin University. Co-signers with Peterson are Vice Mayor Yihuan Wu of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, center, and Tianjin University President Denghua Zhong, right.
A group of Georgia Tech and Georgia Department of Transportation researchers after they received an AASHTO Sweet Sixteen award from DOT Commissioner Russell McMurry Dec. 8. Their work on corrosion-resistant concrete piles for marine environments has been used on bridges in Georgia and is being tested for use in nearby states.
U.S. Department of Transportation map showing all of the newly funded University Transportation Centers and the affiliated universities.
Aaron Bivins and Rebecca Yoo (Photo: StoryCorps Atlanta)
Microbiologists use next-generation sequencing technology to identify a bacterial DNA fingerprint. (Photo: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

November 2016

Professor Emeritus Wilton W. King
Georgia Tech senior Maya Goldman at Machu Picchu in Peru. The structure behind her shows how Inca engineers used terraces as retaining walls. "Being in Machu Picchu inspired me like no other place on Earth to continue my study of civil engineering," Goldman said, "to follow in the footsteps of those before me, and to build a future based on sharing knowledge and closely observing environmental processes, just like Incan engineers." (Photo Courtesy: Maya Goldman)
Students from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering learn OSHA guidelines for worksite safety in early November. The Atlanta office of JE Dunn provided the training — and lunch — to the group of nearly two dozen undergraduate and graduate students. (Photo: Yong Cho)
CEE Awards Plaques (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Veterans John Temple and Mike Anderson in one of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering server rooms. The pair now provide information technology support to the School's students, faculty and staff. (Photo: Joshua Stewart)
New External Advisory Board members Jim Anderson, John Kelley, Edward Metzger, Stephen Mulva, Frank Rucker and Deborah Staudinger.
Yang Wang and students in his research group install sensors on a bridge in Bartow County, Georgia, in July 2016. Wang, Francesco Fedele and Rafi Muhanna in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering will use data from instruments like these to feed a new interval-based optimization approach to assess structural systems and detect damage. (Photo Courtesy: Yang Wang)
Sierra Magazine story about the explosion at a gas pipeline in Alabama.
Screen shot of Ph.D. student Simon Berrebi's interview with WSB-TV in Atlanta about his group's effort to crowdfund trash cans for East Point bus stops.
WTA Atlanta scholarship winners Xiaodan Xu, Stephanie Amoaning-Yankson and Cindy Bledsoe.
G. Wayne Clough with National Academy of Construction President Hugh Rice. Clough was inducted into the academy's 2016 class of new members Oct. 20. (Photo Courtesy: National Academy of Construction)
Ph.D. student Stephanie Amoaning-Yankson.

October 2016

Ocean Science and Engineering webpage screenshot
Ph.D. student Osvaldo Broesicke, right, with Latinos in Science and Engineering President Will Davis. Broesicke won the organization's highest honor for students, the Padrino Scholarship and Medalla de Plata, or silve medal. (Photo Courtesy: Osvaldo Broesicke)
Ph.D. student Chloe Johansen meets with her TI:GER program group in October 2016 to talk about their project. (Photo: Joshua Stewart)
Ph.D. student Fikret Atalay will be part of a five-student delegation from the United States at next year's International Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference in South Korea.
Ph.D. student Sangy Hanumasagar will attend the International Research Association on Large Landslides meeting in China this month for two weeks of workshops and high-level courses on landslides.
SEC Country website screen shot of a story looking at the effects of major hurricanes on college football stadiums.
The Taj Mahal (Photo: Michael Bergin)
Reginald DesRoches, the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Karen and John Huff School Chair
Hermann Fritz, right, talks with people in Haiti on one of his research trips after an earthquake wreaked havoc on the island nation in 2010. Fritz told public radio's Marketplace the temporary communities that have since sprung up on the country's hillsides are now at risk from flooding and landslides in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. (Photo: Jean Vilmond Hilaire, Université de Quisqueya)

September 2016

The city of Bluefields, Nicaragua, and Bluefields Bay. Environmental engineering undergraduate Kelsey Eichbauer spent eight weeks this summer working in this community with the nonprofit blueEnergy. She helped design and build simple water-filtration systems to reuse so-called "greywater" — all the semi-clean wastewater that comes from everywhere except the toilet. (Photo: Kelsey Eichbauer)
Professor Paul Mayne
In the fall 2016 Hyatt Distinguished Alumni Leadership Lecture, Emmy Montanye, BCE 1982, offered five essential skills for young engineers to develop as they pursue their careers: Be curious and keeping learning, develop your personal brand, learn the business of engineering, develop your personal board of directors, develop others. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)
Screenshot of Rebeeca Yoo's first-place ForeCAST Competition video, "TOHL Centers: A Sustainable approach for Rural Water Supply."
U.S. News and World Report ranks Georgia Tech's civil engineering program No. 2 in the nation and the environmental engineering program No. 4.
Patricia Mokhtarian, the new Susan G. and Christopher D. Pappas Professor
Donald Webster
Logo for ARCS Foundation
Pointivo co-founder Habib Fathi, Ph.D. 2013.
Screenshot of Line//Shape//Space story on coastal engineering and sea level rise.

August 2016

Screen capture of the new leadership video.
Iris Tien, left, with Gwinnett County middle school teacher Kathylee McElroy and Jamila Cola after Tien and McElroy won awards for their collaboration on engineering lesson plans for McElroy's science classes. They've been working together for two years through a program made possible by the National Science Foundation Partnerships for Research, Innovation, and Multi-Scale Engineering. Cola is the director of that program. (Photo Courtesy: Iris Tien)
The International Disaster Reconnaissance Studies class on the Great Wall of China, one of their first stops during their two-week trip to China and Japan.
Civil engineering undergrad Andrew Melissas diving during his semester studying abroad in Australia. (Photo Courtesy: Andrew Melissas)
Rudy Bonparte and John Taylor, two of the new faces in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering this fall.
Charles "Wick" Moorman
Ph.D. student Christine Dykstra in her lab.
Assistant Professor Kari Watkins added the title of Frederick L. Olmsted Junior Faculty Professor this summer, becoming the first faculty member to occupy the newly created position. Watkins studies multi-modal and sustainable transportation as well as using technology to improve transportation systems. (Photo: Rob Felt)
Reginald DesRoches stands with the ruptured cinder block wall one of his Ph.D. students destroyed while testing different kinds of masonry infill designed to strengthen similar structures in the Caribbean. DesRoches will draw on decades of earthquake research like this for the University of California, Davis, College of Engineering distinguished lecture he'll deliver in September. (Photo: Rob Felt)
Researchers Liz Robertson from the University of Southern Denmark and Josh Manger from the University of California, San Diego, ready a sample collector off Mexico's Pacific coast. They’re part of a research team that discovered bacteria making oxygen minimum zones in the ocean even deader by sucking up all life-giving nitrogen molecules. (Photo: Heather Olins)
Col. Tom Rickard, BSCE 1990, assumed command of the U.S. Army’s Fort George G. Meade August 4. During the change of command ceremony, Rickard passes the garrison colors to Command Sergeant Major Rodwell L. Forbes.

July 2016

A neighborhood on the Westside of Atlanta, an example of the premise that has been stuck in Iris Tien's mind recently: how the infrastructure civil and environmental engineers build — or the lack thereof in areas like this — influences the surrounding community. (Photo: Iris Tien)
Screen shot of Perimeter Center traffic solutions story featuring Michael Hunter.
Young person driving
2016 Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship recipients Jack Cebe, Calvin Clark, April Gadsby, Alice Grossman, Janille Smith-Colin and Elliot Sperling
Susan Burns
Reginald DesRoches, Karen and John Huff School Chair
Ph.D. student Aaron Bivins
Jim Hamilton, BSCE 1977

June 2016

A simulated landslide splashes into a wave basin at Oregon State University.
A MARTA train in the Edgewood-Candler Park transit station.
A large wave towers astern of the NOAA ship Delaware II in the Atlantic Ocean in 2005. (Photo: Delaware II Crew/NOAA)
ShanghaiRankings Academic Program Ranking: Civil Engineering No. 7
Professor Paul Mayne
John Kelley, BSCE 1992, at the Avalon development in Alpharetta, Georgia
The Atlanta Streetcar near the original Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. Georgia Tech researchers have developed a way to improve the timing of the streetcar, eliminating the need for schedules and reducing passenger wait time. (Photo: Spmarshall42 / Wikimedia Commons)
Rendering of SunTrust Park, scheduled to open in spring 2017. (Image: Atlanta Braves)
Braves’ New World
June 10, 2016
IndustryWeek website screen shot
Yannis Dialynas, a hydrology Ph.D. student in Georgia Tech’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Georgia Tech Provost Rafael L. Bras, discuss a model of soil erosion. This research is studying the role of erosion on carbon cycling. (Photo: Rob Felt)
Senior Maggie Lindsey in Costa Rica with one of the young students who will attend a primary school she helped design and build.
Prescribed burn near Griffin, Georgia
The Sustainable Transportation Abroad class outside the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
Hurricane Isabel, the strongest storm of the 2003 Atlantic hurricane season. (Photo: NASA)

May 2016

Cover of Science special issue on urban issues.
Ph.D. student Yannis Dialynas
Professor Aris Georgakakos with Philip Sarris, BSCE 1952.
A screenshot of the Poets&Quants website naming master's student Trevor Clark on the nation's best MBA students.
Alumnus and former faculty member James R. Wallace (1938-2016)
The Haitian Roundtable's 2016 1804 List of Changemakers and Ones to Watch.
Associate Professor Yong Cho and Dimitri Seneca Snowden with the robot Snowden has donated to Cho's research lab.
Coral reef off Kiritimati Island. (Photo: Pamela Grothe)

April 2016

Research Horizons illustration for Rolling Robots story
Helen Grenga Award winner April Gadsby with Associate Chair Susan Burns.
The winning CEE team at the spring 2016 Capston Design Expo pictured with Assistant Professor Kari Watkins, left: Lilian Ayala, Sage Roberts, John Bolen and Ryan Liu.
The four projects School of Civil and Environmental Engineering teams will present at the 2016 Capstone Design Expo.
Daniella Remolina, who graduated in December and started work this month with the Boston Consulting Group.
ASCE Georgia Tech Chapter at 2016 Carolinas Regional Conference
Ph.D. student Natalia Cardelino
Howard Tellepsen speaks at the College of Engineering Alumni Awards April 16. Tellepsen, BSCE 1966, was inducted into the College's Hall of Fame.
Charles "Wick" Moorman (Photo: Gary Meek)
Georgene Geary and Laura Mast, winners of NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
Genevieve Pezzola
Assistant Professor Lauren Stewart in her lab.
A Booming Career
April 11, 2016
Lake Mendota near Madison, Wisconsin. Georgia Tech researchers used long-term data on the lake’s microbial communities to develop what may be the largest-ever dynamic model of how those communities interact. The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering’s Kostas Konstantinidis says that could help restore sick lakes and may one day help scientists better understand the human body’s microbiome. (Photo: Good Free Photos)
Aaron Bivins
Chloe Arson
Students collecting water samples along Bolivia's Choqueyapu River.

March 2016

Lauren Stewart in her lab. (Photo: Gary Meek)
Senior April Gadsby
Brittany Bruder, Ph.D. 2015
Graduate students Jack Cebe and Atiyya Shaw, who will attend the Eno Center's Future Leaders Development Conference this year.
Team True Pani: Samantha Becker, civil engineering; Naomi Ergun, business administration; Shannon Evanchec, environmental engineering; and Sarah Lynn Bowen, business administration. (Photo: Fitrah Hamid)
U.S. News and World Report Graduate Program Rankings: Civil #4, Environmental #5
Samantha Becker, left, and Shannon Evanchec film a segment about their water purification system ahead of the live-televised finals of the InVenture Prize. Their team, TruePani, will compete with five other finalists for $20,000, a free patent filing, and a place in a Georgia Tech startup incubator at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. (Photo: TruePani)
Growth of Mycobacterium isolated on a plate of culture medium. (Photo: Stacey Pfaller, EPA)
CEE Graduate Programs Manager Robert Simon
Master's student Annie Blissit, one of the American Council of Engineering Companies' 2016 Young Professionals of the Year.
Charles "Wick" Moorman after delivering the Hyatt Distinguished Alumni Lecture. (Photo: Zonglin "Jack" Li)
A concept of what the Charleston Lowcountry Lowline could look like once it's built. (Image: Friends of the Lowcountry Lowline)
Third-year environmental engineering major Hannah Greenwald
Elizabeth and Bill Higginbotham Professor David Frost
Aaron Bivins explains his Ph.D. research as part of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering's new video series, "30 Second Thesis."

February 2016

Students examine construction plans in a tunnel. (Photo: Rob Felt)
Meg Pirkle, MSCE 1997
Glaucio Paulino and Evgueni Filipov with models of their zippered tube origami configuration. (Photo: Rob Felt)
Hongyu Guo, Rodney Weber and Ted Russell on their research platform atop the Ford Environmental Science & Technology Building.
A sea butterfly (Limacina helicina). Photo: EOL Learning and Education Group via Flickr.
Seung Ho Hong in the Donovan Hydraulics Laboratory with the flume used in his study.
Professor Donald Webster working with students on a problem.
Diagram of the TruePani drinking cup invented by a team that includes CEE undergrads Samantha Becker and Shannon Evanchec.
Professor David Frost
Screen shot of tunnel corrosion story featuring Professor Emeritus Larry Kahn.
Charles "Wick" Moorman
Engineering Georgia magazine spread featuring alumnus Tom Gambino
Kathrine Udell in a transportation research lab

January 2016

Andrew Melissas
Elizabeth and Bill Higginbotham
Chloe Arson and Phanish Suryanarayana, winners of CAREER awards from the NSF.
I am CEEatGT video series, featuring five undergraduates and their experiences as civil and environmental engineering students.
Karen and John Huff School Chair Reginald DesRoches (Photo: Gary Meek)

December 2015

The sidewalk along North Avenue in Atlanta. Photo: Jennifer Tyner
Professor Aris Georgakakos explains his models of the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint river system to CBS46's Sally Sears.
Glaucio Paulino, Raymond Allen Jones Chair and Professor
Screen shot of CityLab story about parking in Los Angeles.
Cover of MRS Bulletin December 2015 special issue
Screen shot of the San Francisco Chronicle article that includes Professor Emeritus Lawrence Kahn.

November 2015

Stacie Sire on the flight deck of the 787 Dreamliner during a test flight in 2011.
CEE Award Plaque
Emily Ferrando in the Somoto Canyon in Nicaragua.
Cleaner-burning biomass fuel briquettes produced by Sanivation to replace firewood or charcoal for cooking.
AJC screen shot: Old landfill forced Atlanta United to flee DeKalb
Associate Professor Baabak Ashuri
New CEE External Advisory Board Members Montanye, Houlihan and Selman.
Assistant Professor Sheng Dai in his lab.

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